Jottings from the Editors Desk

We have had our final meeting for the year, a lunch at La Tavola at Crows Nest. I was very sorry to miss it, having to go overseas for a funeral, unfortunately its difficult to change the dates for a funeral!. However by all reports an enjoyable time was had, as the photographs taken by [...]

Jack Kipling’s Prep School

From: Simon Hitchings To: David Watts Subject: Jack Kipling’s Prep School Dear Mr Watts, I have taken your contact from the website of the Australian Kipling Society. I am not sure if you are the correct person to contact; I wonder if you might pass this on if you judge that someone else in the [...]

A Kipling Quiz – Answers

His field equipment was a piece of twisty rag and a goatskin water bag. Gunga Din (Ballads) it starts “the uniform ‘e wore, was nothing much before, and rather less than ‘arf o’ that be’ind” Lit a smoke signal for her daddy. Taffimai, Merrow Down, RK’s reference to his late daughter Josephine. Jangled his keys [...]

Merrow Down

There runs a road by Merrow Down – A grassy track to-day it is- An hour out of Guildford town, Above the river Wey it is. Here, when they heard the horse-bells ring, The ancient Britons dressed and rode To watch the dark Phoenicians bring Their goods along the Western Road. Yes, here, or thereabouts, [...]