Jottings from the Editors Desk

A very successful meeting of nearly 50 heard Ian Fullerton give an extremely well researched talk on Kipling and South Africa, with an emphasis on the political side, though Ian’s photographs of the green, greasy, Limpopo river illustrated some of the background to the ‘Just So Stories’, as did his comments on Indian elephants appearing [...]

Study Notes

Jane’s Marriage (notes by Lisa Lewis) These notes are by courtesy of the Readers Guide. Publication history First published in Debits and Credits following the story “The Janeites”. Notes on the text Good Sir Walter … stair Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832). In the first edition these lines read: “Good Sir Walter met her first / [...]

A Kipling Quiz

Each phrase should help you identify a character in Kiplings prose or verse. Answers, and the context in which they can be found, will be in the next issue of the Drum. His field equipment was a piece of twisty rag and a goatskin water bag. Lit a smoke signal for her daddy. Jangled his [...]

Jane’s Marriage

Jane went to Paradise: That was only fair. Good Sir Walter followed her, And armed her up the stair. Henry and Tobias, And Miguel of Spain, Stood with Shakespeare at the top To welcome Jane – Then the Three Archangels Offered out of hand Anything in Heaven’s gift That she might command. Azrael’s eyes upon [...]