Jottings from the Editors Desk

Last month we had a nephew of RK’s join our society, unfortunately he lives in Buderim Queensland, and finds travelling difficult, but he is writing down his comments on Carrie Kipling, whom he knew, his comments on the recently published book about her, and also some comments on “Granma Baldwin” I hope to share these [...]

A Kipling Primer

Sorting through my Kiplings, I came across a little red book called a Kipling Primer, by F.L.Knowles, published by Chatto & Windus. Written in 1899, I had not previously read it, expecting it to be a collection of Kiplings childrens stories. To my surprise it turned out to be a biography, and a very well [...]

A Kipling Quiz – Answers

~ 2 Kings 8:13 Thy servant a dog Book title 1930 ~ Esther 1:19 Laws of Medes & Persians Stalky & Co ~ Psalms 12:2 No doubt ye are the people The Islanders ~ Proverbs 30:19 Way of a man with a maid The Long Trail ~ Ecclesiastes 7:28 One man among a thousand The [...]

The Glory of the Garden

OUR England is a garden that is full of stately views, Of borders, beds and shrubberies and lawns and avenues, With statues on the terraces and peacocks strutting by; But the Glory of the Garden lies in more than meets the eye. For where the old thick laurels grow, along the thin red wall, You’ll [...]