From the Editor

Thank you all for the positive comments regarding the previous issue. As I said, the only way we can make this YOUR newsletter is if YOU contribute by way of comments, advice and articles. This issue has two significant contributions from readers. Philip Holberton came across an article, with Kipling connections, which piqued his interest. [...]

Letters to the Editor

Dear Naren Congratulations on your position as Editor of “The Jungle Drum”. I hope that you will be able to print an apology to the members and friends who attended the R.K. Christmas Lunch, in your next Newsletter. In the Little quiz that I presented, one of the clues was “King of the Underworld” and [...]

The Order of Merit

It is common knowledge that Rudyard Kipling refused a Knighthood or the Order of Merit, but accepted the Nobel Prize. His refusal to accept the Imperial honours have been widely attributed to his growing impatience with what he felt was an ornamentalist system.  The Nobel Prize and knighthoods are fairly well known honours, but what [...]

Lispeth – From Plain tales from the Hills

How many of you remember this story? From the collection first published in 1888. This illustration is a mezzogravure by John Andrew and Son, after the original by Reginald Bolles, from the 1909 edition published by The Nottingham Society. If you haven’t read this story recently, I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading it again. And, does [...]