Jottings from the Editors Desk

It seems that no sooner has one edition gone out to our members that the next one is due. Our next meeting, on August 28th is an interesting one, we have a talk by Robyn Forster on Rudyard Kipling and how his interest in Freemasonry is reflected in his writings. Robyn has been associated with [...]

Kipling & Borges

Jorge Luis Borges, famous Argentine Author, died in 1986. I recently came across a description of an interview with him shortly before he died by Paul Theroux, the travel writer. Borges was blind at that time, and he got Theroux to read some of Kipling’s works. One of his comments about the English “Look what [...]


Dear David, Thank you for the latest “Jungle Drum”,which,as usual,made very interesting reading. I noticed a Kipling reference in yesterday’s “Herald” that might be of interest to you and the membership. In the Sports section, dated Tuesday 13 April, 2010, the Rugby commentator, Spiro Zavos, wrote an article, entitled “School children, look no further than [...]

Fishing Fleet’ – found in BT27 passenger lists

The attached image is the first page of the passenger list for the voyage of the Kaiser I Hind from London to Calcutta on 12th October 1893. The passenger list shows what appears to be part of a fishing fleet. There are no obvious fishermen on board, however, because this is a very special type [...]

Information for The Kipling Society

Rudyard Kipling was the first writer to chronicle the lives of ‘ordinary’ soldiers. The affection and respect he felt for ‘Tommy Atkins’ shine through his stories and poems about the privates and NCOs who served in the British army in India. Among the real-life NCOs and privates of that army were many members of the [...]

Sestina of the Tramp-Royal

Jim Bryant gave a most elucidating talk, followed by a reading, of the Sestina of the Tramp-Royal. Other than it was a form of poetry and reputed difficult I must admit that until Jim spoke I really had no idea what a Sestina involved. Not only six verses of six lines and a seventh of [...]


Alan N Cowan, Canberra Australia ** Continued from last issue ** Turning our attention northwards for a moment, to what extent was Kipling inspired by Arctic themes (using that term rather loosely) as distinct from Antarctic ones? There are two stories in the Jungle Books, “The White Seal” and “Quiquern” with their associated verses, and [...]

Kipling on a Postage Stamp

By Susannah Fullerton Rudyard Kipling has been honoured in many ways, but did you know that he and his works have also appeared on postage stamps? In 1970 San Marino issued a stamp in a Walt Disney series which featured Walt Disney and a scene from The Jungle Book, the last animated film he worked [...]

The Ballad of the Cars

“NOW this is the price of a stirrup-cup,” The kneeling doctor said. And syne he bade them take him up, For he saw that the man was dead. They took him up, and they laid him down (And, oh, he did not stir), And they had him into the nearest town To wait the Coroner. [...]