Jottings from the Editors Desk

We received several queries during the last three months, mainly from the website, but some addressed directly to Ian, Robyn and myself. We had a query on the publication date on a set of Kipling books published in Australia, and the Secretaries librarian in England gave us the answer, almost overnight. There was a typewritten [...]

Rudyard Kipling’s Home In Mumbai

Rudyard Kipling’s birthplace is being converted into a museum. The timber and stone two-storey cottage was built before his birth in December 1865. It is located in the Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy School of Art and Industry in Bombay/Mumbai and has always been used as the official residence of the school’s principal. The cottage is a [...]

A Blog About History…

A Blog About History recognised the problems that the Mumbai museum faces. The municipal government officials with whom the Museum staff deal… refer to the building, not as the Kipling house, but the Dean’s house. Worse, they believe that Kipling is officially still persona non grata, a situation that is rather slow to change. But [...]

Kipling, The Jungle Book

And it is not a problem for today’s children. The Penguin India Blog said young students in her class adored the imaginative world that Kipling created and the fantastic pictures produced by the illustrators. Blog de Monica noted that The Jungle Book was still totally enjoyable children. Even before reaching reading age, children have been [...]

Kipling and the Mummies

If the title sounds like something out of Raiders of the Lost Ark, or indeed the Boys Own, relax, what I am relating is, as my very young relatives say, for real. When Kipling stayed for his annual holiday at Burne-Jones house in North End Road, he helped make a tube of “Mummy Brown” probably [...]


This paper, which has been long in gestation, has as its parents two of my life’s major interests, as my title makes clear. I have long been struck by how little evidence there is that Kipling paid any attention to the exploration of Antarctica. That seems surprising, given his patriotic and imperialist mindset: he would [...]

Four Feet: The Woman in his Life – Limits and Renewals

I have done mostly what most men do, And pushed it out of my mind; But I can’t forget, if I wanted to, Four-Feet trotting behind. Day after day, the whole day through? Wherever my road inclined? Four-Feet said, ‘I am coming with you!’ And trotted along behind. Now I must go by some other [...]