Kipling Society Christmas Lunch

We held our Christmas lunch at a private room in the Roseville Memorial Hall. The event was organised by Ian Claridge who, together with his wife Beverley put in a lot of work. The menu was excellent, and the 18 of us who attended had a most interesting time. We enjoyed listening to a poem [...]

KIPLING ABROAD – Traffics and Discoveries from Burma to Brazil

Edited by Andrew Lycett Andrew Lycett is the author of the definite biography of Rudyard Kipling. As a former foreign correspondent, he has travelled widely and worked in most parts of the world written about by Kipling. His other books include lives of Ian Fleming, Dylan Thomas and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He is the [...]

Ray Bradbury

In 2004, Ray Bradbury, the Author of many books, and screen plays, remember Fahrenheit 451? Published a book of short stories and a poem, called The Cat’s Pajamas. The poem, entitled “Epilogue” was a description of a train journey , forever Orient Express, with many noted authors, Shaw, Chesterton, Twain, Dickens, Wilde, and. last but [...]

Elsie Kipling’s Legacy

About 14 kilometres southwest of Cambridge stands an imposing country house, Wimpole Hall, which has a link to Rudyard Kipling via his daughter Elsie. It was she who bought the dilapidated house in 1938 and spent almost the next 40 years lovingly restoring it to its former glory before leaving it to the National Trust [...]

Kipling’s ‘Naulakha’

Did you know that you can go and stay in Rudyard Kipling’s home? In 1892 Kipling and his new wife, Carrie, arrived in Vermont to stay with her family. Kipling loved the countryside and decided to settle there permanently, so bought 11 acres of land and began to supervise the building of a house. He [...]

Professor Peter Alexander

Professor Peter Alexander kept us enthralled with his scholarly analysis of Kipling’s religious beliefs, concentrating on his Christian beliefs. What follows are notes from his talk, which he expanded. It was an establishment run with the full vigour of the Evangelical as revealed to the Woman. I had never heard of Hell, so I was [...]

Dane-geld (A.D. 980-1016)

IT IS always a temptation to an armed and agile nation to call upon a neighbour and to say: – “We invaded you last night – we are quite prepared to fight, unless you pay us cash to go away.” And that is called asking for Dane-geld, and the people who ask it explain That [...]