Jottings from the Editors Desk

We had a very interesting and rewarding meeting on February 28th, our third AGM. The film on Batemans, a UK National Trust film, which included quite a lot about RK himself as well as the manor house, was well received, and afterwards those of us who had visited Batemans tried to answer questions about it. [...]

Lockwood Kipling

Little has been said about Rudyard’s father, Lockwood, who had a very profound influence on Rudyard’s writings, and, indeed was said to have collaborated with his son on providing background colour to several of his stories. We know of him as an illustrator, author, curator, indeed he appears as virtually himself in Kim, but also [...]

Letters to the Editor…

Dear David A propos your newsletter, I have four audio-cassette tapes of Peter Bellamy singing Kipling poem arrangements. They are as follows: 1. Soldiers Three, 1990 Barrack Room Ballads etc. 2. Rudyard Kipling Made Exceedingly Good Songs, 1989 incl. Gethsemane, The Dutch in the Medway, Recessional etc. 3. Keep on Kipling, 1982 incl. Cuckoo Song, [...]

Swastika’s used by Kipling

Swastika is a symbol derived from the World Tree, originally a wheel with four spokes , with torches attached to the ends of the spokes. Von Daniken would undoubtedly have had a field day ascribing extraterrestrial influence! There are good and bad versions, the good version rotates in a clockwise direction, whilst the bad version [...]

Special Event – ‘Throw the Book at MS’

Dear Friends – All of you who love the works of 18th and 19th century literature It is a truth universally acknowledged … that a bit of fun mixed with an act of goodwill makes for a pleasant way to spend the day. We are holding a special event on Sunday, 14 June at 3pm [...]

Ode, Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance, 1934

O LONG as memory, valour, and faith endure, Let these stones witness, through the years to come, How once there was a people fenced secure Behind great waters girdling a far home. Their own and their land’s youth ran side by side Heedless and headlong as their unyoked seas Lavish o’er all, and set in [...]