Jottings from the Editors Desk

The past year, which was our inaugural year, is one we can look back on with a certain degree of satisfaction. We held 4 meetings, including a luncheon, all well attended. Our membership has risen to 60. Our newsletter is circulated not only in Australia (we have members in the Northern Territory, ACT. Qld and [...]

Kipling Memorial

Hello David, I am a descendant of English artist John Charles Dollman (1851-1934) who is particularly noted for his ‘Mowgli made leader of the Bandar-log’. I am researching Dollman as part of a PHD focusing in 19C British art and in a recent net search noticed a message posted on the UK site (fairly old [...]

The Last Suttee

Udai Chand lay sick to death In his hold by Gungra hill All night we heard the death gongs ring For the soul of the dying Rajput king All night beat up from the womens wing A cry that we could not still All night the barons came and went The Lords of the outer [...]